Affordable High-tech Security Solutions

Research has proven that the strongest deterrent for Burglars is when a CCTV or Security Camera is in place, yet many people believe that a security system is beyond their reach. Key Security has has come to the rescue with a range of high-quality affordable, products which - as a Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Club Member - you can purchase online from our website, install easily yourself and link to your Smartphone straight away.

  • Most products are easily installed by the homeowner.

  • Start with a stand alone product or basic system items and upgrade/add-on at a later date (A range of cameras, security lighting and motion-detectors are available).

  • Or we can build a comprehensive system to meet your home or business, your budget or your needs.

  • Qualified technicians in your area can also quickly fit each unit depending on your choice level and then provide clear instructions or help to easily link your chosen system to your smartphone or device.

  • Entry-level systems are also available as Gifts for Non-Club Members.