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We are working throughout New Zealand - canvasing on the phone and door to door - in a huge campaign to ensure as many households as possible can enjoy the benefits of better security for their property and possessions, through our proven high-tech Products and Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Club. 

Our Goal and express intention is to dramatically lower property crime in every neighbourhood throughout New Zealand!

WHY have we introduced these services?

There's nothing worse than being Burgled! Unwanted intruders in your home, going though your personal things and stealing your prized possessions! Just read the local newspaper or watch The News. A growing number of media articles are highlighting that crime is on the increase! WE hate that too, and we want to STOP it! To add to that concern, our overworked Police Force means that Burglaries are given low priority and, unless it's an emergency and you are personally at risk, most times are unable to be promptly attended to.

WHAT are we doing about it?

Through our business networks, we decided we could do something to stop the crime epidemic! Knowing that the strongest deterrent for Burglars is when a CCTV or Security Camera is in place, we created a Network or Club - our Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Club - where Members can access affordable, superior security solutions for their home, office and business-premises, and help deter criminals in their neighbourhood. Your best defence against property crime is to prevent it occurring. As a Club Member, Key Security will give you high-tech affordable tools to help prevent you from becoming a statistic AND come to your aid, if you are targeted!    

HOW are we going about it?

We're canvasing New Zealand a nationwide campaign, to ensure as many households as possible can enjoy the benefits of better security for their property and possessions.

If we are yet to visit your neighbourhood, or phone your household, please feel free to give us a call. We'll be happy to assist you with any information regarding our services or any specific product.

We invite you to join the Club. Let’s stop crime together, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, throughout New Zealand.