Join the Club and Help Prevent Crime in NZ!

Crime is on the increase. New Zealand's Police force is under-resourced and thinly stretched. Your best defence against property crime is to prevent it occurring. Key Security can give you the tools to help prevent you becoming a victim AND come to your aid if you are targeted!    

With 180 burglaries a day recorded in the year ending July 2020, don't become another statistic! 

Now is the time to secure your property and protect your family, with the right Security Solution, from Key Security (NZ) Ltd.

We invite you to join our Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Club, a network that gives you affordable access to immediate call outs, high tech home security products at wholesale prices, essential advice and so much more.

Benefits of Joining 

  • Exclusive access to our on-line shop with special discounted pricing for high-tech Home Security Products.

    • See “live” images of who is at your door (before you open the door.... even if you're not at home)

    • Speak to them via the built-in microphone and speaker (from wherever you are)

    • All this from any location in New Zealand......or the WORLD on your own smartphone; iOS or Android.

  • A dedicated Call-out service - run by Armourguard, one of New Zealand's most trusted nationwide security firms, actioned immediately when you call the Priority Call number provided to our Club members.

    • ​No longer will you have to wait, often hours, for over-worked police to attend to a your Police callout. 

  • A dedicated Chat service for instant answers to your security questions.  

  • Your own personalised  CLUB number, registered in your own name.

  • Plus many more services to come, including:

    • A regular Newsletter with proven home security tips and advice so you can avoid Burglary

    • Scam-watch Alerts so you can avoid On-line and Phone Scammers 

          All exclusive to our CLUB members.

What you'll pay as a Club Member 

  • A once-only joining fee of $49.90+GST ($57.40)

  • Then automatic amounts  of only $6.25+GST ($7.19) per week

  • Then you only pay a callout fee, of $75+GST, whenever you request a callout

  • The cost of purchasing items at wholesale prices from our online shop, are all displayed

Join the Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Club


Join the Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Club in 5 Easy Steps!

1) Complete the Application Form (below) and Read and approve the Club Terms and Conditions.

2) Pay your one-time Joining Fee of $49.90+GST.

3) Then Authorise your 6.25+GST Weekly Membership Plan.     

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